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Denver to Atlanta

  A day in the life of the gypsy gourmet…… This day starts with your gypsy gourmet oversleeping in a parking lot in Oak Grove, MO. The first thought running through my mind isn’t “Oh crap, this load’s gonna be late!”, as it’s a simple relay to our terminal in Atlanta. No, the first thoughts running through my head revolve around what I’m making for dinner; sad but true. At 8:45 EDT thoughts of stir fry are dancing through my... More »

California to Georgia; Broiled Hamburgers ala Gypsy Gourmet

  3:25 pm EDT I’m starving. Ravenously hungry for something that does NOT come out of a paper bag. I have driven a ten hour shift (give or take) and have been debating the benefits of sleep vs. food. Well, battle of the bulge or no, I’m going to make something hot, at least semi healthy and edible with the least amount of fuss possible. I’m experimenting with my new schwanky Black & Decker convection/toaster oven. I’m in the mood for a burger and don’t... More »

California to Georgia Sandwich Love

  Riding through the vast desert of Texas can be inspiring to some; however, I’m not the biggest fan of the I10. I am counting my blessings that it’s not hotter than the seven gates of Hell this morning, and that the air conditioning is working well after the few modifications Chris did this week. As always, the gears in my coconut are blazing on a new idea for dinner. In the meantime, I thought I’d touch base on a favorite of all traveling folks, the sandwich... More »

Much Needed Home Time, Georgia

Welcome blog friends!I’m hailing y’all from the house, just to let you know the gypsy gourmet doesn’t always cook on the road.. I noticed that there were so many pictures on my iPhone that weren’t necessarily from the road that I have to give a little love to the home kitchen. I am well pleased to be home after 5 weeks of grueling work out on the road. Many changes have taken place, i.e. I’m no longer based out of Richmond, VA for dispatch, we’re now... More »

North Carolina to Washington State

  Back at it again folks! I was thinking of featuring some more at home recipes and decided it could wait for the next blog. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a great day for your gypsy gourmet, as my article on CNN’s food blog( is running in the lead! I’m so excited I can hardly wait! The seared Ahi tuna that I prepared on site for the shoot is what I’m featuring today, to make sure all my loyal foodies out there have it on hand.(Yes,... More »

Hometime Georgia!

    Time off is  a wonderful thing isn’t it?? I’m almost positive it was necessary for our mental health this month, as so much has been swirling around in our world. We’re coming into the full swing of fall with colder temperatures, holidays, get togethers, and more work! Finding time in everyday life to slow down and reconnect with our families, is a delicate balancing act. One of the ways I find to do this is with cooking. When we do have... More »

California to Florida

Well I say to hell with writer’s block! Gypsy Gourmet is on the scene to discuss another cool place to chill and a recipe that is amazing, simple, and looks kind of fancy even if it’s not. I’ve set out today to write what I know, that’s all y’all are looking for anyway, right? We just recently took a 34 hour reset in one of the most beautiful places in the US.  I’ve been to all 48 lower states, so I think I have the authority to make that... More »

Happy New Year!

  Another round of holidays has given way to the inevitable, back to work, hectic schedules, and general chaos. Round one 2012 here we come. We have all danced this choreographed juggling act of planning meals, shopping, wrapping gifts, cocktailing with friends, and heaped that upon our regularly scheduled programming. I think it’s about time to wind down a little, spend a few quality moments in the kitchen, and reflect on some of the more interesting things that have occurred... More »

New Jersey to Washington, Tilapia Made Easy

  Welcome to another adventure! We have a bad-ass addition to the Gypsy Gourmet franchise, Ms. Niki Stewart (Round of applause please!) She’s a southern Californian(San Diego) with an amazing work ethic, a great personality, and did I mention she’s a hottie? This girl definitely knows her stuff and has taught this ol’ bird a few new tricks as well. Nice not to be solo anymore (Sorry Harley we know you’d drive if you could) and it’s certainly a good... More »

My Southern Menagerie, a Damn Yankee’s Attempt at Collard Greens

Hey folks! Gypsy Gourmet is back on the scene halfway across the country missing my “adopted” siblings (Jared & Ashley) like mad. I received a random text basically letting me know that there was fun in store for the weekend and am I coming home? Unfortunately scheduled maintenance and necessary repairs are keeping this team on the road. The final nail in the “homesick coffin” was, “P.S. Your Bubba misses you and is HUNGRY.”   Now... More »

Southern Staple or Gift from Heaven?

  Hiya folks, GG back to give you a quickie! I’m working on a longer blog with lots of cool stuff involved but wanted to drop in with my newest discovery. You may ask, “How has she lived in the South this long and NOT experienced shrimp & grits?” The answer to your question is,” **Shrug** I dunno! Shame on me!” I’m enamored with this Southern staple. It was again like my experience with the tamales. I had a good idea of the method, but no... More »

The Dekalb Farmer’s Market, A Chef’s Utopia with Summer Berry Trifle

A few crazy scenarios in my life conquered, a few precious moments off, and here we are with another adventure! When I come home to Georgia I have several favorite places I like to haunt while I’m here and get to without fail. Safehouse Coffee and Tea in downtown Griffin is an absolute must. Thanks to my good friend Amanda Slade from Safehouse, The DeKalb Farmer’s Market aka DeKalb World Market, is one of my favorite places on Earth. I am a brave soul to come here on... More »

Holy Smokes! Pork Loin Technique Revealed!

As promised in this week’s article in The Grip, smoked pork loin! I’m giving y’all a guideline for how I did it, what you do with it is your choice. You all know that I am a “Damn Yankee”, that much is sometimes glaringly obvious. So, I warn you I am just beginning this journey of smoking meats. It all started with Paul getting an LP/Charcoal smoker for his birthday at the beginning of August. We bought numerous books, we’ve read articles, and we’ve... More »

Recipes, Recipes, and More Recipes

Trying to find the time and resources to get back to the basics is never easy in any of our worlds. The average American is busier today than in any other decade. With the challenges the economy has given us in the last six years, many chefs and home cooks alike are going back to hand-made versus prepackaged to save their budgets. I am no different. I have tried to curb my spending in every way. I have found over time that while convenient, prepackaged goods have more salt, sugar, and ... More »

A Damn Yankee’s Attempt at Southern Biscuits

  Eureka! I’ve discovered the perfect biscuit recipe. Gone are the sad little biscuits resembling hockey pucks. Gone are the days of this Damn Yankee’s embarrassing excuse for breakfast. This talent for beautiful biscuit making seems to be bred into the genetic makeup of every Southern woman I have met, along with a few very talented Southern gentlemen. I tried time after time to duplicate the fluffy, buttery goodness that I’ve encountered down here in the South,... More »

Gypsy G’s Summer Canning Series I

I have decided to write a spring and summer series on canning, preserving, and pickling. I figure as I absorb all of this wonderfully useful information from sources ranging from family, friends, reference guides, the Internet, and experience, the least I can do is pass along the condensed version for all of my faithful readers. For many of us, there are treasured memories of preserving and canning. When time grows short in our everyday lives not everyone has the time to grow a garden,... More »

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