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Argyle Franks

This man is wildly talented, an amazing artist, and a great friend. His first and foremost medium is tattooing, but ranges from pencil to airbrush, and he is the artist responsible for the Gypsy Gourmet tattoos on my wrists. He and his family are the salt of the Earth, and if ever in the Cocoa Beach, Florida area, look him up at ABW Tattoo on A1A. Which by the way, you can read more about in my blog!



Geno Gauger

Featured on Travel Channel’s “Truck Stop USA”, Geno Gauger, is a terrific tattoo artist. You would almost expect him to be unapproachable because of his celebrity status, but this guy is down-to-earth and a whole lot of fun to sit for. I enjoyed my time at Under the Gun Tattoos, and got a great pomegranate for my forearm. Check him out next time you’re through Columbia, Missouri, you won’t be disappointed!



Fathead Pierce

An enterprising young man with a boatload of talent, Fathead Pierce, formerly of Studio IIIV Tattoos in Cocoa Beach, Florida, pierced my ears to a two gauge. As gentle as he could be, he made sure I knew all of the available information to make an informed decision beforehand. I appreciated the extra time he took to explain my options, and have had a lot of fun choosing new jewelry. This last year, he started his own company, Shameless Custom Plugs, and though he has relocated to Michigan, I’m sure that when I’m ready for dermals I’ll look him up! Check out the awesome custom jewelry he makes, it’s amazing!



Karla Yvette

I first met Karla in fort Lauderdale, Florida. She helped me out by covering an old, ugly tattoo on my hand with a beautiful dragonfly. Karla is also the artist that put the infamous “Food Porn” on my knuckles. She’s got mad skills, and I hope to have more work done by her. She and her partner have since moved to Oregon, but lucky me, I’m through there from time to time on loads, and visit my publisher there frequently.



Skot Olsen

I met Skot the same time I met Karla. Another of the many talented artists I know, he has some seriously mind blowing artwork. Karla Yvette and he are partners, and though I haven’t had any work done by him yet, I had to feature this creative genius. I’ve never seen anything like his work and am amazed and awed each time I look through his various paintings.


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