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Fast forward 13 years from culinary school. I’m a classically trained chef with a penchant for adventure. When the economy took a turn for the worse, with the restaurant industry immediately affected, I began to think outside of the box. I never dreamed I’d wind up behind the wheel of a semi-truck, but I certainly did.

I started as a company driver, graduating to an owner operator a year and a half later. That was almost six years ago. Early into my foray into trucking, I became increasingly frustrated with the food being served up on the road. Sure, once in a while you’d find the gem you weren’t expecting. For the most part with my odd hours as a team driver, and the fast paced specialized loads I hauled; the options were pretty bleak. I started little by little experimenting with ways to cook on the road. I kept it simple at first due to my lack of a fridge, but slowly I became driven for more. I missed cooking. I missed the delight it brought to my peeps and the people I love.

Through trial and error I retro-fitted my truck with a surprisingly functional kitchen set-up, and began to experiment. I now had the means; I just had to use my imagination. This career brought me to exciting new places; why not seek out fresh ingredients from neat little road-side stands? Why stop there on my quest for culinary nirvana? The possibilities were again endless, the world my oyster! My excitement at the prospect of chic indie coffeehouses, farmer’s markets, artisan cheese factories, and much more, spurred me to seek out the corners of America that not everyone gets to experience. Through social media I got to share my adventures with my friends, family, and my followers. I take pictures of everything I make, of the beauty in every extraordinary meal I’m served, and am such a slave to “Food Porn”, that I tattooed that very phrase on my knuckles.

My mom inspired me to blog about my adventures. She’s the reason that y’all get to live vicariously through me as I cross this great country, absorbing the beauty of the land, warmth of the people, and the greatest culinary treasures known to man. I am a renegade foodie in search of the perfect bite, and given enough time, I’ll find it.

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