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When someone asks, “Who are you?” what do YOU say? I’m first and foremost a small town Minnesota girl and a classic example of the melting pot of America. I am Northern Russian Gypsy with a mixture of a bunch of other stuff. In other words, I’m a mutt.

I have always been an adventurous kid. I had absolutely no fear of the unknown. I started my culinary education at my grandma’s knee, and continued with both my mom and my grandma up until we bought a restaurant and resort in rural Cleveland, Minnesota.

Working there, I was persuaded to take a sanitation management course. I decided that if no one else could spare the time for this class, that I was taking the entire culinary arts program while I had the chance.

I love food. I always have. I finally had the forum I was desperately seeking; the answers to why and how. You didn’t ask why you cooked the roux, you just did. There was always a dining room full of people to feed whether at the house or at the restaurant.

The choice to go to back to school changed my life in many ways, as did the decision to leave it. I wanted the best of both worlds. I wanted to know “why” and I wanted to experience “how”.  I’ve always been hard headed. I never thought that there was only one road to your destination nor have I ever thought that school was the only way to learn.

School gave me a superb mentor, some great knife skills and a shit ton of student loans that I am still paying off. Life gave me experience you can’t get in a book and a fuck ton of habits. Some were good, others not so much.

These are some of my rambling adventures at home and across the country. I make friends where ever I go, I like to cook, I like to eat and if you want you can come along for the ride. Shit, I’ll happily pay your fare.

“Who am I?” To some, I’m a chef, truck driver, writer, and amateur photographer. To others, I’m a wife, a step-mother, a pitbull mama, and a patriotic American. To those that don’t look closely I’m a tattooed asshole that uses “fuck” like a comma.

I’m pretty sure I’m the REAL version of the girl next-door. I know I’m an old school metal head and lover of words. I AM a sucker for animals and a coffee snob. I don’t drink because I was gonna go pro. I do smoke and I like dark chocolate. I make no apologies or excuses for who I am. Thanks to our brave soldiers and in part, to the First and Second Amendments, I am free.


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