Southern Staple or Gift from Heaven?



Hiya folks, GG back to give you a quickie! I’m working on a longer blog with lots of cool stuff involved but wanted to drop in with my newest discovery. You may ask, “How has she lived in the South this long and NOT experienced shrimp & grits?” The answer to your question is,” **Shrug** I dunno! Shame on me!” I’m enamored with this Southern staple. It was again like my experience with the tamales. I had a good idea of the method, but no real working knowledge of the spices or a recipe to follow. Picture being at the house after a few weeks on the road, a long day of trying to cram everything I’ve missed into one day, handling a claim for a broken windshield, trying to coordinate my roommate moving out, my co driver and bro working like crazy all day in the rain to get the truck ship shape, and after a quick trip to the local conglomerate all-in-one store for a new set of locks, it’s now ten o’clock at night and I have a hungry crew. I know I write about chaos a lot, but seriously? This is the soundtrack of my life. I never stop. So I picked up some large shrimp, quick but not instant grits, and green onions. I figured a quick experiment would satisfy my crew and my curiosity all at the same time. Fortunately for me I had the luck of the South on my side and it was stupendous!

Now, Niki being from California had not ever had grits. The night before Ashley, Jared, Niki, and I had ventured over to the Waffle House in Jonesboro, and while the service was a nightmare, she still did get to try cheesy grits, and loved them. This was the motivation I needed to try something new myself. I just was pretty much beat with no motivation. Not even enough motivation to research a recipe. This is what my mom would call “Kitchen Surprise”. I grew up in a family of foodies and the long standing joke between us when we had no idea what to make, was this phrase. (Also, when it was time to order out mom would tell us, “I’m making green Jell-O.”) So back from the store, my meager supplies put away, I started my mise en place(Everything in it’s place.) to begin. This recipe fed three hungry adults. It could feed four non-starving peeps.

Shrimp & Grits Gypsy Gourmet Style recipe


This dish was a comforting melody of flavors and substance after a crazy day. It only took about 15-20 min to prepare from start to finish, and Niki declared that it was the “New avocado.” her favorite weakness. She asked me if it would be hard to prepare on the truck, and warned me that she’d ask for it on a semi regular basis. Remember folks, this is our little health nut, and she adored this recipe. I’m happy to report that while it may or may not be exactly traditional, neither am I, and it was superb. I have taken all the time I can allow away from my crazy schedule, complicated blog, and general chaos that surrounds me. So until next time, eat well, laugh often, be free, and be you! ♠

gypsy gourmet ♠

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