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Back at it again folks! I was thinking of featuring some more at home recipes and decided it could wait for the next blog. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a great day for your gypsy gourmet, as my article on CNN’s food blog( is running in the lead! I’m so excited I can hardly wait! The seared Ahi tuna that I prepared on site for the shoot is what I’m featuring today, to make sure all my loyal foodies out there have it on hand.(Yes, you too Mom, two times, twice.) So, I hope you all enjoy this easy, flavorful concoction I’ve come up with. It’s really not as fussy as it looks. It tastes great, is a healthier option than what is offered out on the road, and can be made in the cab of a truck.

Seared Ahi Tuna recipe

Toasted Sesame Vinaigrette recipe

Easy Creamy Wasabi Mustard Sauce


I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as Chris and I do, it’s relatively simple and really punches up the flavor quotient. Never be afraid to try something new, in most cases if at first you don’t succeed, you’ll read more carefully and get it the second time. Nobody wants to throw away tuna twice! Always remember to take your time, a deep breath, and have fun with it. It’s really all about the love anyway, isn’t it? Until next time folks, eat well, laugh often, be free, and be you. ♠

gypsy gourmet ♠

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