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I’m hailing y’all from the house, just to let you know the gypsy gourmet doesn’t always cook on the road.. I noticed that there were so many pictures on my iPhone that weren’t necessarily from the road that I have to give a little love to the home kitchen. I am well pleased to be home after 5 weeks of grueling work out on the road. Many changes have taken place, i.e. I’m no longer based out of Richmond, VA for dispatch, we’re now based directly out of Atlanta. I have also just finished up a photo shoot and interview with CNN chronicling my journey as the gypsy gourmet, and my career in the trucking industry. It will also introduce you to the love of my life and the light of my world, Chris.

The link is here.



The weather is starting to get a little colder, and I am all about some comfort food. Here’s a few pictures of some homemade pork carnitas that I made into tamales that turned out absolutely amazing. The recipes and instructions will follow. I just was missing the warm Arizona weather, it was super chilly when I got to the house, and I was ready for a challenge. I miss having all of the really great conveniences of my kitchen at home, when I’m on the road. Like running water, a dishwasher, and a lovely assistant, who just simply makes my world brighter with her happy chatter, goofy faces, winning smile, and energy.(Are all 16 year olds like this? I’m thinking I’m just lucky.) So without further embarrassment to her(ily brat), here’s what we came up with.

Pork Carnitas recipe

Tamales recipe

I have to say this latest experiment was a huge success. It was a labor of love, but I got to spend quality time with my girl, saw looks of ecstasy on the faces of those I love the most eating them, and warmed up my belly and my soul. These are the reasons I do what I do. It’s all about the love, folks. Until next time, eat well, laugh often, be free, and be you. ♠

gypsy gourmet ♠

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