California to Georgia; Broiled Hamburgers ala Gypsy Gourmet



3:25 pm EDT
I’m starving. Ravenously hungry for something that does NOT come out of a paper bag. I have driven a ten hour shift (give or take) and have been debating the benefits of sleep vs. food. Well, battle of the bulge or no, I’m going to make something hot, at least semi healthy and edible with the least amount of fuss possible. I’m experimenting with my new schwanky Black & Decker convection/toaster oven. I’m in the mood for a burger and don’t have the necessary time to stop our truck to make the electric skillet a great tool today. So, I pattied up the 93/7 ground chuck, seasoned liberally with granulated garlic, McCormick’s Hamburger Seasoning, and some granulated onion, and set to broiling burgers in my fancy toaster oven.
4:00 pm EDT
We are sumptuously satisfied; our taste buds appeased, our bellies full, and are terribly pleased with this experiment. I have always told myself not to sell out, but I’m now pimping the product!!! I LOVE MY BLACK & DECKER CONVECTION/TOASTER OVEN! To be on a moving semi-truck, rolling through New Mexico and Texas, bumpy roads and all, this method is the bomb. Fifteen minutes on the bottom rack @ the 450 degree broil setting, produced juicy, perfectly medium burgers. The aluminum foil lining the pan made clean up a breeze. Keep in mind folks, I have my refrigerator and toaster oven secured with heavy duty straps and the door of the toaster oven secured with a small bungee cord for safety purposes. I also do not ever leave this appliance unattended while cooking. That being said, I am terribly impressed with the simplicity of this method, the consistency of the food cooked, and the snappy clean up. This chef will be using this appliance a WHOLE lot more in the near future. Keep a look out for more ongoing experiments, and until then eat well, laugh often, be free, and be you. ♠
gypsy gourmet ♠


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