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Seattle, Washington Pike Place Market

So much to do, solittle time they say, but we managed to get our bobtail into downtown Seattle, WA,(double parked in two spaces with no parking ticket, golf clap everyone!) and check out famous Pike Place Market. Three expansive floors of every foodie’s fondest dream, the colors, textures, smells, and people were an absolute sensory overload. The stunning array of fresh organic produce in every available color known to man was absolutely breathtaking. The orange and purple hues... More »

The Ties that Bind....

Hey Folks! Everybody sticking to their New Years resolutions? No? It’s alright, there’s always next year! My New Year’s resolution was to blog at least twice a month, and y’all see how well that’s worked out. Our lives are more chaotic than ever. Seems like we run harder, for longer in this truck, just to pay bills that keep multiplying like rabbits. Sounds like everyday America, right? Sometimes you have to take the time to STOP what you’re doing... More »

Mississippi to Texas

Man have I MISSED y’all! Your Gypsy Gourmet has been traveling solo. Yes, my friends, I have the same kinds of relationship ups and downs as everyone else. I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and as an added bonus, quit drinking. Instead of bemoaning my fate, or getting terribly involved in my sad story, I just simply got back to work doing what I love. I have been all over the place lately, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, just to name a few... More »

A Little Spot of Heaven.....

  You may ask yourselves, “Just where the heck is Chillicothe, TX?” Well let me tell you, it’s on the US 287 in Texas en route to I 40 and Amarillo. Tiny little sleepy town nestled amidst what looks to be miles and miles of wheat fields. I never expected to stumble across a gem in the middle of nowhere, but folks, gypsy luck is on my side today! I have been eating like a bird for the last five days. The mother of all summer head colds has brought... More »

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