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Much Needed Home Time, Georgia

Welcome blog friends!I’m hailing y’all from the house, just to let you know the gypsy gourmet doesn’t always cook on the road.. I noticed that there were so many pictures on my iPhone that weren’t necessarily from the road that I have to give a little love to the home kitchen. I am well pleased to be home after 5 weeks of grueling work out on the road. Many changes have taken place, i.e. I’m no longer based out of Richmond, VA for dispatch, we’re now... More »

Happy New Year!

  Another round of holidays has given way to the inevitable, back to work, hectic schedules, and general chaos. Round one 2012 here we come. We have all danced this choreographed juggling act of planning meals, shopping, wrapping gifts, cocktailing with friends, and heaped that upon our regularly scheduled programming. I think it’s about time to wind down a little, spend a few quality moments in the kitchen, and reflect on some of the more interesting things that have occurred... More »

Finding My Voice

“What do you DO, Camille?” How on Earth do you explain what you do? It’s a terribly intimate question, one I have too many answers for. It’s almost like asking who I am, in a sense. I cook. I travel. I explore. I drive a semi truck. I am a co-owner of a trucking business. I am dabbler in television. Though no one has yet bought the show we’ve been selling, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Oh yeah, and I write. Until about eight months ago. ... More »

Update in the World of GG

I can almost hear my faithful readers hiss each time they pull up my blog and see the same post. I am sorry, dear readers. (Grimace) I’ve been in a whirlwind of activity with so much going on in a short time frame, that alas, the blog and y’all have been sorely neglected. So this time instead of taking you on one single adventure with one recipe, I’m going to take you on several adventures and catch you up to date on my crazy life. You guessed it, the blanks will be... More »

Normalcy in GG World?? Surely Not...

By now y’all are more than ready for another update to my crazy life. It’s never a boring, sedate place to be. Your Gypsy Gourmet has not stopped traveling the countryside in search of the perfect bite. The wheels keep rolling, both in business and life, and there’s been some major changes, AGAIN. Remember that driver I’d hired? Gone. There is no longer a mystery man, or a second truck. I’m now mentoring a student on the Freightliner, and getting a little closer... More »

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